Glass Washer, Submersible

Glass Washer, Submersible
Item# HB-97510

Product Description

Submersible Glass Washer
The automatic five brush washers effectively remove all kinds of soil - even lipstick and dried juice pulp.
Four standard size black/white brushes and one 8" center white brush are designed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs. The taller center brush cleans tall glasses better and ensures all outside edges are cleaned.
The quiet motor works quietly and efficiently without creating noisy interference.
Sure-Grip feet prevent skidding and won't mar countertops.
Self-lubricating ball bearings are durable and long-lasting.
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Plug built-in for added safety.
Saves space, fits any sink, and needs no special plumbing.
The Upright model features a quiet, totally enclosed motor.
The Submersible model features a quiet, submersible motor and maintains warm water temperatures for high performance cleaning.